About Us

Just like we don’t believe in takin’ sides with anyone against the family, we don’t think it should be so friggin’ hard to order a custom sticker online. Here at Sticker Mafia we’ve taken the same ruthless efficiency that defines our family bizness and made a sticker company out of it. You won’t be sifting through a cluttered homepage that’s littered with tons of other products. It’s just stickers and only stickers. We’ve made it easy to use so you won’t wish you were at the bottom of the East River in concrete shoes by the third click! In our world, when you want somethin’ done, it gets done. There is no hassle, no negotiation and no excuses. Let us make you an offer you can’t refuse…quality custom stickers, fast and easy to order. Just select a size and quantity, upload your artwork, fork over some dough and Fuh Getta ‘Bout it!

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